Insurance as a Service

Insurance as a Service

Exploring the Potential of Platform-Based Business Models

Insurance is in desperate need of a makeover. To keep up with the likes of Amazon and meet ever increasing customer demands, insurers should aim to diversify their offering to fulfil a broader set of personalised needs for their customers to become more than just their insurance provider.

Tune in to learn from Anorak, Aviva, Swiss Re and PA Consulting on how this might revolutionise the way you do business and how the future of the industry will develop to deliver platform-based services.

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David  Vanek David Vanek Co-founder & CEO Anorak Bio
Evangelos Avramakis Evangelos Avramakis Head of Digital Ecosystems R&D Swiss Re Bio
Scott  Paton Scott Paton Senior Partner, Financial Services PA Consulting Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Broadcast Journalist and Professional Chair Bio