Revolutionise your Asset Performance

Revolutionise your Asset Performance

Learn how to put your data to work

The utilities sector is responsible for much of the strategic national infrastructure that underpins our way of life, yet the challenge of maintaining, upgrading and expanding the infrastructure to deliver these essential services cannot be overstated. 97% agree that digital technology has the potential to revolutionise asset management but 82% agree that a lack of analytical capability is a significant barrier to change.  Other roadblocks cited include data held in silos or non-digital formats, lack of organisational buy-in, the regulatory framework and initial investment cost. 

Learn how the industry is undertaking a step-change in asset management so that you can understand how to transform the operational challenge into an opportunity. 


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Dr Iliana Portugues Dr Iliana Portugues Head of Innovation National Grid Electricity Transmission Owner Bio
Dan Wilson Dan Wilson Asset Data Manager Electricity North West Bio
Terry Saunders Terry Saunders Worldwide Utilities Industry Leader IBM Watson IoT Bio
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