Customer Engagement in Banking

Customer Engagement in Banking

Delivering on the promise of personalisation

Today’s customers have ever-increasing expectations of the brands with which they interact across the board, demanding seamless, timely and hyper-personal interactions. Banks are beginning to rise to this challenge of delivering GAFA-like experiences for their customers but they still have a long way to go.

One possible way forward is to find the key to relevancy and figure out how to delight customers with contextual experiences. Another is broadening available channels in order to engage every kind of customer in the way in which they prefer.

Gain insight into these solutions and explore the possibility of real-time personalisation while keeping the human touch alive across digital interactions, to ensure every interaction, everywhere, delivers on the promise of personalisation.

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Laura Joseph Laura Joseph Director of Digital Products and Propositions Barclays Bio
Uttiyo Dasgupta Uttiyo Dasgupta Head of Strategy, UK Digital Bank, Retail Banking and Wealth Management HSBC Bio
Yvan Goupil Yvan Goupil Head of Customer and Marketing Insight CYBG Bio
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