Automation and AI: The Future of FS

Automation and AI: The Future of FS

How will AI, machine learning and RPA shake up your industry and change your job? What skills will be needed and how can you prepare for an automated landscape?

Panel discussion:

- Forecasting the game-changer: tracking the rise of AI, machine learning and RPA

- Understanding the opportunities available in your department

- How is intelligent automation altering the skills agenda 

- What adaptions need to be made in order to adhere to millennial labour trends?

- Nurturing innovation: creative the right environment

- Rolling out automation at scale


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Bhavesh  Vaghela Bhavesh Vaghela Mobile Product Manager TSB Bank Bio
Ingrid Woodward Ingrid Woodward Head of Claims Excellence Zurich
Bertie Müller Bertie Müller Senior Lecturer in Computing University of South Wales Bio
Mike Hobday Mike Hobday Vice President & General Manager Automation Europe IBM Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Broadcast Journalist and Professional Chair Bio