Pursuing the Perfect Payments Experience

Pursuing the Perfect Payments Experience

Take a look in to the world of payments: seamless, smooth and satisfying

To keep the competitive edge, banks need to get to work cracking the code on what it takes to consistently deliver a frictionless experience. In this webinar, we tackle some of the most pressing challenges still standing in the way, like the complexities of navigating open APIs and overcoming the hurdle of legacy data. Poised and prepared, banks can take the leap into the future to build long-lasting, agile strategies.

Watch and learn from TSB Bank, 10x Banking, Lloyds and TSYS on what customers today actually want from their payments experience. 

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Mark Shaw Mark Shaw Head of Strategy & Design, Payments TSB Bank Bio
Simon Rendall Simon Rendall Head of Payments Business Architecture Lloyds Bio
Tom Hay Tom Hay Payments Product Owner 10x Banking Bio
Rene Kruse Rene Kruse SVP & Managing Director TSYS International Markets TSYS Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Broadcast Journalist and Professional Chair Bio