The Era of the Customer-Driven Bank

The Era of the Customer-Driven Bank

Connection, collaboration, commitment: Putting the customer first through seamless, multichannel experiences

No more the word of rumour - banks need to change. With unprecedented regulation and increased competition coming over the horizon, now is a crucial time for banks to give their customers the user experience they desire. 

While the opportunities to collaborate with disruptors and connect with consumers are plentiful, the confidence to commit to new strategies needs to be found if banks are to survive. Through dialogue and discussion, this high-level webinar will explore the rise of open banking, and what incumbents and disruptors alike, need to know.


  • Identifying the real needs of the digital banking customer
  • What are the current challenges that banks face when connecting with consumers?
  • Brand or real-time experience: which matters more to the user?
  • Will open banking enhance or eliminate current customer personalisation strategies?
  • Dealing with demographics: will new user experiences appeal to everyone?
  • Can bespoke personalisation be offered to different banking demographics?
  • Breaking barriers: how can the industry create seamless external collaborations?

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Alex  Park Alex Park Head of Digital Metro
Ben  Chisell Ben Chisell Products and Marketing Director Starling Bank
Vicki  Lintern Vicki Lintern Solutions Engineering Director Salesforce
Colin Robinson Colin Robinson Managing Director – Cloud First Accenture Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio