Communicating in the Age of Hyper-Personalisation

Communicating in the Age of Hyper-Personalisation

Allowing customers to take the lead in financial services

Panel discussion:

  • New demands: identifying channels that customers want to be communicated through
  • Ensuring you have the correct operational processes in place to communicate in real time
  • How can data be harnessed to deliver effective two-way customer engagement?
  • The customer engagement mix: should traditional engagement methods still be considered?
  • Platforms and portals: how to add value to customer communications
  • Pull factors: what values do customers look for in their brand communications?
  • Future-proofing: assessing the potential of voice-led technologies

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David  Williams David Williams Technical Director AXA Bio
Emily  Houghton Emily Houghton Head of Business Banking Barclays
Tony Crane Tony Crane Customer Experience Director Bank of Ireland
Ian Harper Ian Harper Director – Customer Success Management Smart Communications Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio