The Future of the Contact Centre

The Future of the Contact Centre

Digitising customer experiences: robo-chat, AI and new data

- Customer contact in the age of Alexa: the implications ahead

- How new automation technologies are transforming the contact centre experience

- The power of AI and machine learning in delivering customer service excellence

- Computer says no: what processes and characteristics will need to be embedded into robo-chat? 

- What are the limitations of robo-chat? In what contexts should we be using it?

- What do you do if the customer doesn't want to use robo-chat? How can you tailor it to the individual?

- Navigating new data sources: seizing the opportunities for customers

- Strategies that are key to creating a seamless customer experience


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Sean Charlton Sean Charlton CIO Contact Centres Barclays
Natalia Konstantinova Natalia Konstantinova Lead Software Engineer (R&D) First Utility Bio
Simon  Tyler Simon Tyler Head of Customer Support & Business Improvement Eurostar
Paul Maguire Paul Maguire Vice President for Europe Appian Bio
Lindley Gooden Lindley Gooden Journalist & Filmmaker Bio